CRISTAL V2: Nuclear criticality calculation package

CRISTAL V2 package includes all the elements necessary to nuclear criticality calculations for fuel cycle facilities (fabrication, reprocessing, etc.), storage and transportation of fissile materials:
  • The basic nuclear data, including microscopic cross sections.
  • Computer codes (APOLLO2, TRIPOLI-4®, MORET 5).
  • Graphical User Interface (LATEC).
  • Recommended calculation options and calculation procedures.
  • The cross sections libraries are mainly based on the JEFF3.1.1 nuclear evaluation.
CRISTAL V2 Experimental Validation Database contains more than 3000 benchmarks, mainly selected in the ICSBEP Handbook. Complementary experiments are selected from confidential programs, for instance, dedicated to Burnup Credit Applications carried out in Valduc and Cadarache centers. This database covers the various configurations encountered in criticality-safety studies.


Who we are ?

CRISTAL project is supported by french nuclear criticality-safety community: