• User side: Windows or Linux computer with Java 8,
  • Server side: Linux 32/64.

Entry point

The graphical workbench LATEC embeds both CAD features for 3D modelling and parametric calculation features dedicated to criticality safety studies:

  • the CAD model relies on a generic descriptive syntax, which is “compiled” in true code syntax (APOLLO2, TRIPOLI-4(R) or MORET 5) just before the calculation. This allows providing the same LATEC ergonomics for any CRISTAL code,
  • the client-server architecture distributes parallel calculations on a remote server/cluster, so the user can perform the design on its desktop computer (Windows or Linux) without computer codes installed (APOLLO2, TRIPOLI-4(R), MORET 5).


The various components of the CRISTAL V2.0 package are the following:

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